Friday, February 26, 2010

Test renders for a resort style setting

I'm having trouble on which pov to use for the exterior shot. I just cannot make up my mind. The GH house has a lot of interesting features that would never be seen if I chose a certain pov for the exterior. With the goal of showing as much as possible all the nice elements of the house, I decided to add not one but two more GH houses on the scene!

Also, I'm having a hard time working on the old version of Indigo. There are a lot of items missing on it which I got used using on the newer version. I reverted back to the latest one.

The house being rendered here is called the GH house and is designed by Dunsky Kornhauser Architects Ltd.

All the images here are part of my entry to the Architectural Visualization Challenge hosted by For a more detailed description on the progress of my entry just go to my entry thread at

To check out other entries to the challenge go to:

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