Saturday, February 20, 2010

Renderings of the GH house using older version of Indigo renderer

I started using again an older version of Indigo Renderer. This version was released in 2008, a year before Indigo became commercial. The free version of the software which I have been using since last year can only render a maximum of 0.7 Megapixels. The final image I had to submit would be more that 9 MP. It's a good thing I maintained an old version.

At the beginning of the architectural challenge, I started saving some of my extra income so that by the middle of February I would be able to purchase a license for the software. I really needed this one so that all the restrictions on the free version will be taken out. I was ready to buy it last week but to my dismay, the price had already gone up by another 300 euros. With that price hike, I would not be able to get that license for another two months. The contest I joined would be finished in a month.

I did some practice renders and at the same time experimented on modifying the model. I also started playing around with materials for the floor.

The house being rendered here is called the GH house and is designed by Dunsky Kornhauser Architects Ltd.

All the images here are part of my entry to the Architectural Visualization Challenge hosted by For a more detailed description on the progress of my entry just go to my entry thread at

To check out other entries to the challenge go to:

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