Friday, February 19, 2010

Some updates on the 2nd floor renderings

Just posted some updates on the progress of my work on the architectural visualization challenge. I started adding some furniture and made some lighting set up studies.

The house being rendered here is called the GH house and is designed by Dunsky Kornhauser Architects Ltd.

All the images here are part of my entry to the Architectural Visualization Challenge hosted by For a more detailed description on the progress of my entry just go to my entry thread at

To check out other entries to the challenge go to:


Alexandra said...

Wow!! there renders are incredible, I can't wait to be able to do things like this! I'm still far from it, but i'm improving fast!

darshan said...

u used any photoshop touch up or these are only raw renderings...???
please tell me bro i am also using indigo with sketch up... but my renderings are looking like cartoons...:-(
i am a just beginner... please tell me how can i contact u fb or g+..
i need to learn a lot frm u...
BTW these are awesome rendering..<3

vidhipradhan1988 said...

These updates on 2d floor rendering is fantastic and thanks for sharing. I just found it amazing. For 3D Architectural Renderings, you can check out here-