Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vue 6

I came across Vue 6 when I tried to look for ways on how to put more trees, plants, clouds, etc. for the environments modelled in CAD software.
The usual way to add trees and plants in AutoCAD is to do a real 3d model of it. There are also plug-ins that use a billboard that has a picture of a tree on it. An example of this is the background of the transmission tower I posted earlier. But AutoCAD is not designed for this kind of work. When the trees in the model I am building reaches a certain number, the computer crashes.
The cool thing about Vue , is that it can place millions of objects inside a scene. Some test modelling and rendering was done using the personal learning edition I downloaded and showed the results to the boss. The company then bought a copy of the software.

I did a test animation of a group of plants and just used the default settings on the software including the light breeze.

Another feature about Vue that I liked is its ability to animate clouds to provide dramatic time lapse scenes.

I did some practice renderings of my company's projects. I need to know how to operate the newly bought software and to prove that the company will save money by having presentation work done in-house. My workstation can handle rendering work running in the background while I am working on my usual CAD drawings.

I tested the water surface simulation of Vue.

I tried a fly by animation.

Another flyby

More flybys

Another more of the same but with different lighting.

Test animation on focusing.

Apartment flyby.

Aircraft test animation

City development test animation.

Test rendering of forest with different times of day

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