Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My attempts at animation using AutoCAD

When we are not busy at the office, I always play around with AutoCAD. One day, sometime in August of last year, I decided to try animation. The previous releases of the software does not have any animation capabilities. Every year a new version of AutoCAD is released. Each release has new features not found on previous releases. The latest version we have at the office had animation function in it.

I started out by using simple geometric objects like balls and cubes. I then tried a 3d terrain. Lastly, I did a 3D model of one of the projects we are working on and inserted it to the DEM (digital elevation model) file we have. On this last test animation, I was able to convince our boss that this 3d modelling and animation can now be done in-house rather than having it subcontracted to animation studios.

I did a scene with heavy geometry on it to find if it work. It did work!

I again tried a more geometry heavy scene. This time I placed four transmission towers and dozens of trees. It worked again!

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