Friday, September 4, 2009

Modeling a tree in sketchup

After watching a youtube video of how to create curved surfaces in sketchup, I decided to apply what I had just watched on the tree model, I was working on this week. It took less than ten minutes to apply the changes including the mapping of the leaf image on the new curved surface.

The final image was rendered in Indigo Renderer. I uploaded the model in the 3D warehouse and I named it 'Maple Tree (very detailed)'.

If you're interested in modeling your own 3d tree, you can refer to my previous posts on how to model a tree in SketchUp.

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Stefan said...

Awesome tree. Really good work. Because I have to model a tree for my work too i have a few questions. How long have you been worked on this tree and do you have some tutorials for tree modelling in sketch up or have was it only try and error?